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  • Tuesday 16th August 2011

As our reputation grows as a reliable & recommended local builder in Bury & Manchester we are going to start adding our testimonials to the website over a period of time.

We have carried out building works such as extensions & refurbishment works as well as roofing works on slate roofs and flat felt roofs. We are receiving testimonials and recommendations for these works all of which are published on the Best of Bury website.

For an immediate snapshot of all current reviews/testimonials of Veny  follow the link below. Our testimonial page – This is managed independently by the Best of Bury to give a true and honest reflection of our business – Please visit www.thebestof.co.uk/local/bury/business-guide/feature/veny-ltd/84271/review

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I would recommend Veny to anybody looking for a good local builder - all works were done for the agreed price and to a good standard.

Testimonial for building works in Tottington, Bury, Margaret S

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