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  • Wednesday 12th February 2014

For many of us our home is our biggest asset and it therefore makes the most sense to ensure that it is being used to fulfil all our requirements.  It often seems to be the case that we don’t have enough space – rooms doubling up as a dining room and an office; kids taking over the living room so parents are relegated to the kitchen or wherever they can find some peace and quiet and other similar scenarios. Or it may be that we have a space that is just not being fully utilised due to requiring some amendment or redesign.   Re-designating a dining room to an extra bedroom or office is easier enough but what if we could really do with having a larger kitchen or have a garage that’s currently only serving as a dumping ground or space outside the house which no-one sees or we could do with another bedroom and the only space is the attic?  Once the decision is made to make amendments to our home it is important to get in the appropriate professional help.

Veny is a proven building firm with many years experience in all matters of domestic building in the Bury area; whether it’s full blown extensions or more modest amendments and repairs, straight forward builds or the more tricky concepts and designs, and can help you every step of the way.  From the first contact we will work with you to ensure you get the very best to match your budget and requirements. We pride ourselves in delivering a professional and affordable service, helping to take the stress away from you and always with great respect to you and your property.

We can help with budget planning, design planning and providing additional services where required for example, plumbing, electrical works and glazing; in essence a one stop shop for all your building requirements. And we don’t just stop with the inside. Whether it’s making good the ground around a new build or a complete re-flagging of existing outside space, we have all the relevant knowledge and experience to work within your budget and with your chosen materials.

Your home is your most treasured asset and Veny undertakes all work to ensure it remains so.

I own a listed building with a feature iron, wood and lead covered verandah in need of urgent remedial work to prevent further deterioration and restore the previous appearance. Veny came quickly to assess the job, promptly provided a sensible quote and proceeded to execute the work required to an excellent standard. They did exactly what was asked expeditiously, with minimum fuss, left a tidy site and a result with which I am delighted. A contractor who does precisely what is asked, can be trusted to get on with it and do it well. A find

Testimonial for roofing works in Warrington, Toby S

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